NZ Radio Spectrum Landscape 2013

2012 brought significant change to New Zealand’s spectrum landscape in the form of multiple transactions involving radio spectrum management rights.

First, Vodafone and CallPlus entered in to a spectrum swap, converting two TDD blocks in the 2.5GHz range to FDD blocks compatible with UMTS Band VII.

Then Vodafone purchased TelstraClear, who held 150MHz of spectrum worth nearly $100 million dollars. As holding such a concentration of spectrum to the detriment of smaller players could be seen as a misuse of market power, Vodafone chose to leave some spectrum on the table in that deal. Telstra Australia then sold a 15MHz pair in Band III to 2Degrees shareholder Trilogy, and has kept a 5MHz pair in UMTS Band I.

The resulting spectrum landscape, detailed in the graphic below and in a downloadable wall chart, has increased the ability of both Vodafone and 2Degrees to deliver new and better services to New Zealand consumers.

In the chart, holdings of Telecom are shaded yellow, Vodafone orange, and 2degrees (including shareholders Hautaki and Trilogy) blue. The 700MHz Digital Dividend band likely to be auctioned in 2013 is shaded green. Common 3G/LTE cellular bands are noted to the right of relevant cellular holdings.

Download an A-series PDF wall chart for printing or easier on-screen viewing.

Spectrum Infographic Tall 2013-04-03 copy

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