New Zealand Radiocommunications Map

The map below plots 19,750 radiocommunications licenses across New Zealand in VHF and UHF bands. These licenses support voice and/or data communications from individual towers to multiple end users. They could be paging, data radio, radiotelephone, or cellular mobile licenses.

A number of extracts from New Zealand’s Radio Spectrum Management license database were taken in March 2011 and combined to form the underlying data set. Only public data were considered – no suppressed licenses are included. Data were normalized to common organisation names – i.e. multiple forms of the same name, or multiple organisation IDs tied to the same limited company were given a common name. Licenses were further tagged with colors to represent some unique commercial operators and operator types. Location data were transformed from NZMG to NZTM2000 – which is assumed to be near equivalent to WGS84, the standard used by Google Maps.

Clicking on any individual point will bring up an information window displaying the license holder, technical radio details, a generic location name, and the coordinates.

[iframe 680px 790px]

While the data set and visualisation model supports advanced queries, the representation above is restricted to viewing of the full set of licenses, or those of a small number of commercial providers. As noted above, locations are near equivalent, but not exact. The data below is not to be used for radio engineering purposes – consult an approved person for authoritative radiocommunications information and advice.

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